Sunday, 26 January 2014


Seems 2014 is moving on wheels, the month of January is about to say bye-bye. Before you say Jack, another Christmas is here again.

I started this year on a positive note and I am so sure it will end well. It has been good news from left, right and center; I have started receiving wedding and convocation invites, news about my loved ones having babies, promotion at work, different kinds of Owambe, etc.

I strongly believe that 2014 is a year of harvest, whatever we sow positively, we shall reap. Honestly,we need to be on our toes and do some differently to be partakers of the bounties the year will release unto us. Allay your fears, doubt and insecurities and follow your passion whole heartedly.

It is high time we got smart and utilize whatever opportunities comes our way.

Engage yourself this year and enjoy the benefits later on. Please try the ideas below:

  • Go sight-seeing or visit other places in Nigeria. There are lot of interesting places in Nigeria, lots of sights to see. You can visit your villages, the game reserve in the North, historic centres, the beaches, market, etc. Abeg, don't be an Ara-Eko only.
  • Pamper yourself more. Care for your body and mind, indulge yourself by going to the spa, cinema, buy yourself something different from what you have in closet, after all, na you own yaself.
  •  Read the Holy Book from start to finish. You should read the Bible or Koran from beginning to the end.You would be so renewed and inspired.
  •  Get more active in your religious group.
  •  Start a side business or acquire a new skill. You can learn photography, bead making, improve your IT skills, try out new dance steps. Don't depend on your 9-5 job only, you can start buying and selling or even start blogging.
  • Learn how to care for kids and older people. you never can tell what 2014 has in store for you,you may become Mrs. Somebody this year, learn how to wear diapers for kids.
  •  Improve your dress sense. There is no harm in trying out new fashion trends but don't dress outrageously, abeg no let awon brothers commit sin.
  •  Improve your relationship with God. Love God more
  • Evaluate your friends. Know who to keep or pull away from.
  •  Be active on social media.