Saturday, 19 October 2013


My name is Abiodun Pamilerinayo Victoria Osunkoya. A Lagos-bred Ijebu girl. I had my primary and post-primary education in Lagos state and afterwards went to my home state for tertiary education. I am a graduate of the prestigious OLABISI ONABANJO UNIVERSITY(#TEAMOOU'O8). I served in the Enugu State and currently I work in Lagos. My story began in Lagos and still continues here...

I am the first in the family of four children, a devout Christian and I am so addicted to drinking Garri.
I strongly believe that the modern woman can be successful without opening her legs for some Ogas @ the Top. We just need to be more focus, channel our energy, make positive use of the internet, channel our intellect towards achieving our goals and with God all will be well.
 Presently, I work as a front desk agent in one of the Top Hospitality company in Nigeria. I love attending wedding
I will be posting a lot on this platform, I wont be restricted to just the regular gist. So expect anything, everything, something.

In few weeks I will be telling a love story here and y'all will love it.

 I luv LOVE.

Sincerely Yours.

Wednesday, 9 October 2013

E KAABO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have been in the Google community for a while  but i have not utilized the blogger app.Though I have been blogging in my dreams(Laffs).

Well, this is my first post so I am welcoming everyone by saying E KAABO.
I will be sharing information about things that interests me ranging from regular gist, wellness tips, cooking etc. Different subjects that would be beneficial to all of us even photo news too cos u know pictures pass more information across than the narration underneath them.

So here is . I feel like a JJC right now
Thank you.