Friday, 27 December 2013

Destiny Companions. Mayokun Temilade weds Tomisin Adeyemi

I promised in my last post to share a love story on my blog. 

The bride is my personal person as in "my surest buddie, Ore mi to gbaski". The couple were friends before taking their relationship from friend zone to something more intimate. Please read their story below:

Temi & Tosin's  Love Story:

He saw me first at the front of my father's house one early morning still on my nightwear,while passing by 
with one of his uncles who happened to be a family friend and church member. I didn't notice him that day. He asked about me from  his uncle because he lives in Ibadan. Some months later, he tried calling me on phone to assist me with my school admission in 2006/07 but I never gave him a friendly space so he stopped calling me.  

Later on, we became platonic friends because he comes to see his Uncle in Lagos constantly whom I am close to. Our friendship grew that he supports me  morally,spiritually, financially,educationally, In fact, in all aspects but I never "tripped" for him, I was not forming ooo. 

On this fateful day in 2011, we had a discussion,he said he had feelings for me and to assure me of how serious he was, he told me to inform my parents and pastor. He said he is not taking me for granted because we have been close friends. In September 2011, we began courting, "hmm sweet moments in our lives."

In September 2012, on my birthday, he popped the question on his knees "please will you marry me?". I jumped, screamed & shouted "YES" and he wore a lovely engagement ring on my finger #Amazing moments.

 From January-March 2013, we attended the intending couple class in my church, with God on our side, we did our Intro-mimo in October 2013.

On the 23rd of November 2013, we crossed the bridge of singleness to the road that leads to marriage. Here we are in the convenant that the Almighty God has planned for us. We are now DESTINY COMPANIONS.......Mr. & Mrs. OLUWATEMITOSIN ADEOYE.



Wedding Reception

Couple and Best Man

Bride and Little Bride

Mr. & Mrs. Adeoye



Photographs by Olawale Labiyi Adeolu of recre8.GFX