Friday, 8 August 2014

Love Without Borders! Seyifunmi & Nsima's Pre-wedding Photos.

This got me shedding silly sweet tears early today after reading their story this morning but belle sweet me sha. The love birds are from different cultural background and religion but they found common ground in love and God.
The interesting pre-wedding photo ,taken at IJU railway station in Lagos, showcases their love for sports, nature and old-school.
I am super excited to feature their love story on my blog, please feed your lovely eyes with photos below:

Bride-to-be: Seyifunmi aka Yellow Sisi, Omoge Olosan (Sweet Orange Seller)
Groom-to-be : Nsima aka Baba Onikoko (Cocoa Merchant)



From the first day I set my eyes on Nsima, I knew without a doubt he was God sent. Nsima is my gift from God, my soul mate, my confidant and my world.

I first set my eyes on my prince charming at my cousin’s birthday party in 2006. He came in company of two friends, and I knew one of them – Seyi Ogundeko. I got talking with Seyi and I caught Nsima on several occasions stealing glances at me but I pretended he never existed. Unknown to me he was also friends with my elder sister and they talked a bit and later exchanged phone numbers. We parted ways that day without saying a word to each other. On a fateful Saturday evening, our land phone rang and at the other side of the call was the voice of a cool young man requesting to speak with my sister. She wasn’t in and having recognized my voice, promptly introduced himself to me and we got talking, Nsima is a good listener and this endeared me to him and we became very good friends. On a particular night, we had a very long conversation – we talked & laughed for hours and finally he made his intentions known. I refused him initially, although deep down I was really excited, I didn’t want him feeling like a superstar. He persisted and eventually I conceded to his request. This was around mid-2007.
After a year of dating and experiencing ups and downs, we both decided that we go our separate ways, although we kept in touch once in a while, I lost my phone and all my contacts, including his and I thought we were not going to talk again. In October 2009, my phone rang, lo and behold, it was Nsima calling and we talked for a while. He was serving his fatherland then and was out of town, he told me he got my number from our mutual friend, Seyi and we agreed to hook up when he gets to town. We eventually met and we both realized we missed each other and resolved to start afresh. We decided to go on a bonding trip to Enugu, there we talked at length, identifying the reasons why things didn’t work out initially, and we agreed to make things work. To God be the glory, since that trip, we have become inseparable and our lives resolve around each other.
Nsima is my best friend and my brother, I feel so complete & happy whenever I am with him. He gives me peace of mind & stability, believes so much in me, trusts me and always striving to make me happy. He is truly God sent. He is the best thing that has ever happened to me. HE IS MY SOUL MATE.

On the 30th of November, 2013, and after not seeing him for weeks due to work pressures, he
decided to visit me at my place of primary assignment; I was serving in the same town where he works. Upon his arrival at my place, we got talking and still fresh from the burial of his late mum, he broke down and started crying. I felt for him, tried to console and cheer him up, but being a very emotional person myself, I started crying. It was his turn to console me. He kept on calling “baby, baby” please stop crying and open your eyes, when I eventually did, in front of me was this prince charming on his knees with a ring in his hands, crying and asking me to marry him. I thought I was dreaming although I had been praying and expecting it, with my cries now turned to tears of joy, I was able to mutter “YES I WILL”. He hugged me so tight and we kissed.


“Oluwaseyifunmi”, what I call her is “My Treasure”. My world revolves around her; she is my pillar of support, my confidant & best friend. She is a complete “package” – caring, beautiful, romantic, great cook, kind, homely, sweet, and humble.

We first met in 2006 (during my undergraduate years) at her cousin’s birthday party; I was in company of two close friends, of which she knew one of them. She got talking with my friend and I was initially attracted to her at the way she “flowed” with him. I wanted to say hi but “liver” failed me. Her elder sister was an acquaintance of mine and I left the party without saying a word to her. This period was the time of Starcomms free weekend calls, and I had gotten their landline from her sister. After some weeks, I decided to say hi to the elder sister and as fate would have it, Seyifunmi picked the call, no one was home and we got talking. Every weekend I made it a point of duty to call her and we became fond of each other. I finally summoned the courage to “toast” her and like a typical Naija babe, she said NO, playing hard to get. I persisted and eventually she accepted. We dated for almost a year and we decided to call it quits after experiencing different challenges, but we decided to remain friends and we kept in touch once in a while. After a while, I couldn’t get through to her and close to two years we lost contact. In October 2009, I got her number from my very good friend – Seyi Ogundeko and I called her immediately. I was out of town then serving my fatherland and I pleaded with her that we see when I got back to Lagos. I had done a lot of thinking and soul searching and I wanted her back in my life. I made my feelings known to her and my intentions to make things work this time around. We decided to embark on a “get away”, where we discussed at length why it didn’t work out the first time, the pitfalls to avoid and new resolutions to make it work the second time. From that day, it’s been blissful, great being with this wonderful, beautiful, sweet, understanding lady. I bless that day and shall be forever grateful to God.
Seyifunmi is such a homely person, independent, articulate and as a “Calabar boy” wey like food, a great cook. I love her so dearly and thank God for making her mine and it’s an honour to call her “My Treasure”.


As a typical conservative African man, dating Seyifunmi is a big ask. She raises the bar in the school of “romanticism”. I thought long and hard about the way to propose to this rare gem of mine and to ensure I catch her by surprise – a difficult feat because this lady is very sharp. The task was made even more difficult because she doesn’t wear fashion rings, so getting her ring size was a big challenge. Luckily I snapped her fingers while she was asleep and I got the ring. The second part of the jigsaw was the presentation, I thought hard and long and I finally perfected my game plan, which was to slip the rings into her hands while she slept. We had not seen each other for weeks due to my busy schedule at work and on the 30th November, 2013, I decided to pay her a visit at her place of primary assignment, armed with my plans. We got talking and fresh from the burial of my late mum, I was a bit down emotional. Seyifunmi, being a very emotional person in the process of consoling me started crying and instinctively I knelt before my Queen, with the ring in my hands, pleading with her to stop crying and open eyes. When she eventually opened her eyes, I popped the question, “Will You Marry me” and with tears in her eyes, she said YES, it was one of the happiest moments in my life to date. We decided to go out, have some fun and the rest they say is history. 

More of the Pre-Wedding Photos:

Photo Credits: Lutosin Gbela Art|| 08060397619